Advanced Features

List Segmentation

List Segmentation allows you to send relevant messages to specific, targeted groups within your contact lists.

With GoMobile365, you can easily segment your lists based on criteria chosen by you. For instance, if you have a website offering graphic design services, you can send separate mobile messages to those who purchased logo design and those who have purchased stationery design services. This is a critical element in ensuring your customers return and purchase from you again. Segmenting your lists enables you to send targeted messages relevant only to those who fit into a predetermined category. By segmenting your lists based on whether a customer purchased logo design or stationery design services, you will know what information to include when sending your newsletter.


Our WAP or mobile site creation tool gives you the ability to craft beautiful mobile web sites. Get more information and view a complete list of all of the great features of our GoWAPBuilderâ„¢

Language Translation

Use our Google translation integration tool to quickly translate your mobile message content in different languages for more targeted messaging.

Integrated Survey Tools

Many direct mobile marketing companies charge extra for online surveys or don't offer the feature at all, but ours are built in! Learn more about survey tools


The GoMobile365 autoresponder feature allows you to send a set of messages on a pre-determined time basis. Simply create your autoresponder messages, specify the timing of each send, and assign the messages to a list. Each time someone is added to your list, whether it's via the sign-up form on your website or manually, they will begin receiving your autoresponder messages. This enables you to keep your brand and message in front of your current and potential clients.

Autoresponders can help you...

  • Easily send out a whitepaper to a new lead

  • Send a seven-day informational e-course to your prospects

  • Send a set of messages sequentially from the subscription date

Mobile Applications

Now you can access the power of GoMobile365 Mobile Marketing from your mobile device. Taking the powerful features found in the web application, you can add contacts, preview and send mobiles, and track the success of your campaigns, all on the go!


GoMobile365's survey, voting and quiz functionality allows you to quickly create and send a survey, voting, polling and quiz mobile campaigns.

With GoMobile365's surveys, you can easily create your questions and choose a response type such as text box, radio button, drop down menu, or selector.

GoMobile365's surveys allow you to:

  • Gather feedback from your current and potential clients with our integrated survey feature

  • Create your questions and choose the format for each response (i.e., text box, radio button, etc.)

  • Redirect each respondent to your custom "Thank You" page after completing the survey

  • View detailed results of each survey