GoWAPBuilder: Mobile Websites & Apps

The Easiest and Most Cost-Effective Way to Create Mobile Websites

The GoWAPBuilder is a designer-friendly mobile Internet site creation tool with an intuitive graphical user interface for rapid creation of mobile sites. Designers can integrate RSS or XML to auto-propagate pages, create form-fields to capture consumer profile data for list building, and deliver mobile content downloads and video streaming. Click-to-call, store locator and maps, viral mobile greeting cards, and other services are also included. Built-in device detection and page rendering optimizes the formatting of site pages and content downloads. The platform’s caching model provides superior page display response.

As mobile phones get better at supporting rich multimedia, GoMobile365 gives you the ability to take advantage of these features in a completely integrated environment with the GoMobile365 Marketing Center.

Design, Create and Manage Mobile Content

GoWAPBuilder gives you control over what content makes its way to your mobile marketing site. By managing your own content, you’re able to update your mobile marketing site when you want and how you want. Make changes easily before you publish them. Add images, videos, documents, video, music or links. Create as many pages as you want.

Integrate your Mobilesite with Text Marketing Campaigns

With GoWAPBuilder, you can place a link to your mobile marketing site in your mobile marketing keyword text message campaign. This allows your audience to jump from a promotional text to your full mobile marketing site, loaded with more information and details about your company. Integrate your mobile marketing campaign with GoWAPBuilder.